Exiled to the Planet

by The Pink Snowflakes

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    Cover photo collage and song lyrics booklet with artwork by songwriter Andrew Rossi and colored by MJ Woodis of PsychoNot Art. A bonus tape loop and sonic toilet flushing was dropped from the end of Too Much Strasbourg Pie and moved to the ending of Exiled / Time Will Come to Run, with analog tape reverse mayhem crafted by The Naked Prophet.
    Machine-gun rapid-fire on Too Much Strasbourg Pie was made by Craig's over-phased guitar. There is a field recording of a foie gras protest in Portland, courtesy J Smiles and some radical cheerleaders. There still may be a bonus hidden track somewhere. Let us know if you heard it.
    The cover photo is a real photograph Andrew had for years as a haunting Polaroid of his mother's distorted profile reflection at an archeological dig site, where someone discovered mastodon/mammoth bones not far away from the Rossi homstead. Andrew's dad took the photo of the bones. The window reflection did the rest!
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An almost intentionally conceptual, sprawling mind-assault, complete with sugar-coated pop and rock sensibility. A bold departure from their first album Sun Chasing, the new album, full of noise samples and sonic experiments, sits well alongside any post-apocalyptic and futuristic landscape of troubled scientists. And flushing toilets? And time travelers.

Exiled to the Planet finds the Pink Snowflakes at the height of their collective powers, trying everything they can to slightly confuse and draw the listener into their sweet-tasting acid web. Even after losing their main guitar and co-conspirator in 2009, the Snowflakes press on with help, and deliver a pretty far-out album.

Now back at it with a much delayed, but oddly timed, follow-up to Sun Chasing. These songs are almost 5 years in the making, from when the band almost had to call it quits due to a lineup change a series of weird circumstances that unfolded before their eyes/minds. During that time, they went into the studio and recorded a sprawling mash up of old ideas they toured with but never had the chance to record, and new ones they were dying to get out of their heads. The sounds all seemed to collide together and get tangled into each other's intent, as the songs one-by-one filled up a need to make a statement about things that were happening all around, and an origin of how it all came to be...in their heads.

The pace and exploratory noise ideas lean a little toward early Krautock. There's running, breathing and screaming. There's pounding, tribal-esque drumming, with shards of noise and feedback amongst layers of heavy psychedelic riffage, along with harmonies and hazier dreamy pop gems. Exiled to the Planet will not fail to get the heart pumping and the blood running.


released September 9, 2013

Track 1 Recorded by: Andrew Rossi and MJ Woodis at Lo-Hi
Tracks 2-11 Recorded by: C. Hegna and N. Silva at Revolver Studios

Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11 Mixed by: J. Drews and the Pink Snowflakes at Last of the Explorers
Tracks 1, 6 and 9 Mixed by: MJ Woodis and the Pink Snowflakes at Lo-Hi

All Tracks Mastered by: C. Saff of Carl Saff Mastering

Sitar on "She's the Planet" by Joel Magid
Vocal Sirens on "Ice Path to the Uranium Mind Pts. I and II" by Maria Karlin
Big Beast Growl on "Ice Path to the Uranium Mind Pts. I and II" by Dan Groth
Additional analog tape FX on "Exiled / Time Will Come to Run" by The Naked Prophet, BrysonCone 666
Additional cover photo image credit to Dustin Jensen

All Songs (c) 2013 Lick-Able Sunshine Music, Portland, Oregon



all rights reserved


The Pink Snowflakes Portland, Oregon

The Pink Snowflakes were founded in the summer of 2001 by Andrew Rossi aka “Claude Dragonfly” out of an inspired ambition to create some far out psychedelic laced noise pop rock. A demo was created and the band played more than a few dozen shows in their hometown of Portland Oregon. As the years got on, the band finally acquired a large van. In 2006 the band became a west coast psych pop machine. ... more

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Track Name: Too Much Strasbourg Pie
Track Name: Ice Path to the Uranium Mind, Pts. 1 and 2
Track Name: Transmigration of the Spaceman March